Thera Tx Massage Therapy Treatments

90 Min Full Body Restorative and Replenishing Massage

Begin with an invigorating Dead Sea Salt Glow with a choice of organic Cocoa butter or Shea butter then choose from one of our unique blends of Aloe Vera and our botanical extracts or a special blend as suggested by your Massage Therapist. The warmed serum is massaged and absorbed into the skin following the salt glow. Then relax with a therapeutic massage with a choice of our Organic Body Oil blends: Heaven Scent, Island Grove, Deep Sport or Mountain Path.   Whether you suffer from low back and leg pain, upper back and neck pain to chronic tension our registered therapists will help. Include a paraffin wax treatment for a complete therapeutic treatment.

Our Heaven Scent is a blend of Organic Sachi Inchi Oil, Sunflower Oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil,  Lemon essential oil, Basil essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Rosewood essential oil and vanilla essential oil.

Our Mountain Path is a blend of Organic Sachi Inchi oil, Sunflower oil, Pumpkin oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil, Cajeput essential oil, Pine essential oil, Black Spruce essential oil, Juniper essential oil. Cedarwood essential oil,  Palmarosa essential oil., and Lemongrass essential oil.

Our Deep Sport is a blend of Organic Sachi Inchi oil, Sunflower oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Camphor essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Ravensara essential oil and Pepper Black essential oil..

Our Island Grove is a blend of Organic Sachi Inchi oil, Sunflower oil, Pumpkin Seed oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil, Lemon essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil and Litsea Cubeba essential oil.

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90 Minutes - $185  

Additional Options

Paraffin Wax Treatment (hands and feet) - $15

Botanical Extracts and Their Beneficial Properties

Bamboo Leaf - its properties are known to soften and smooth wrinkles.

Banaba Leaf - may help to reduce lipid content of skin, good at reducing the effects of aging and photo-aging, skin atrophy and retenoid dermatoses, and may help with ichthyosis, ichthyosiform dermatoses, acute dry skin and acne.

Burdock Root - has detoxifying properties and may increase circulation to the skin. 

Ginko Biloba Leaf - has restoring, firming, stimulating properties of the skin.

Ginseng Root - reported to have properties that heal minor wounds, prevent infection and stimulate cell growth, as well as cell-activating and revitalizing properties. 

Grape Seed - is rich in flavonoids and
known to help with psoriasis and eczema, stabilizing skin collagen and elastin thus, maintaining skin elasticity. 

Green Tea - has a rich source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and E and said to help the repair the effects of aging.

Honey Suckle Flower - has therapeutic properties that may assist in clearing acne, boils and other skin eruptions.

Olive Leaf - has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. 

Rose Hips - are said to improve the elasticity of the skin, have anti-inflammatory properties and may relieve muscular aches and pain.