Thai Massage now available at MarchDale Massage

MarchDale Massage Thai MassageThai massage sometimes called Thai yoga massage is a holistic approach to massage therapy. Not only does it heal body and mind but also brings spiritual development. Ill feeling of any kind occurs from loss of balance, be it of any dimension. Thai massage promotes and restores balance of your system, body and mind as well as social and spiritual.

Thai practitioners apply Thai massage by way of pressing on pressure points along lines correlating to energy pathways which are the same as in ancient Indian Ayurvedic channels. Thumbs, fingers, palms elbows and feet are used directly on the muscles to release tension and blockages and restore balance. Patients are treated on a mat in various seated and reclining positions. They may choose to wear comfortable, loose fitting, yoga type clothing or they will be provided with a t shirt and traditional Thai massage pants.

Thai massage is one method of healing and recharging the body by stimulating the life force within and opening up the energy channels to enable energy to flow freely. This process energizes cells in different parts of the body.


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