Our Team

Elizabeth Armitage, RMT


Elizabeth has been an RMT since 1992. She has developed her advanced massage therapy treatment techniques and philosophy throughout her decades of practice. Maintaining posture through massage, remedial exercise , strength training and stretching is the cornerstone of her practice. Muscle balance and structural function is key to addressing most chronic pain.

She excels at Myofascial release, deep tissue massage, postural assessment, and advanced remedial exercise, in which she addresses the entire body’s fascial network and related holding patterns.

She effectively treats chronic pain, muscle imbalances and sport related injuries. Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, low back and hips are the majority focus of her work..

Elizabeth brings you true whole-body treatment to her clients of all ages.

See Elizabeth for...

  • Muscle imbalances, posture correction, strength training, and stretching.
  • neck, shoulder pain, hip and low back pain
  • repetitive strain injuries. chronic overuse pain
  • Full-body therapeutic massage approach.

Shannon Matuska, RMT

Social media coordinator

Shannon has been an RMT since 2019. She brings years of movement and dance experience with her, improving her client’s breathwork, posture, muscle activation, and balance. In treatment she focuses on a broad range of skills, from back/shoulder/neck pain, pregnancy massage, scar therapy, and therapeutic massage, for all age ranges from young children through to elderly clients.

In the future, Shannon is excited to bring her clients specialized treatment for TMJ disorder, visceral manipulation, and Myofascial release.

Shannon brings compassion, care, and creativity to her massage therapy practice.

See Shannon for...

  • Therapeutic Wellness Massage
  • Upper Body Pain/Discomfort
  • Children’s Massage

Christine Lamothe, RMT

Christine Lil*Bear Lamothe is devoted to uplifting and freeing people through yoga, meditation, bodywork and the plethora of practices and techniques she’s acquired throughout the ages. Lil*Bear creates a safe space for you to release and shed the old layers to reveal your true essence.

As a versatile RMT, Lil*Bear meets you where you need to be met on any given day. Whether you are seeking healing for a physical issue, in need of care and relaxation or want to melt and remodel your life, a session with this gifted wizard can assist you on your journey towards your healthiest, most authentic Self!

Andrea feesey, RMT


Andrea has been an RMT since 2007. Her massage therapy skills cover a broad spectrum including, relaxation, deep tissue, chronic pain treatment, rehabilitation, prenatal, and post-delivery treatment, and all levels of sports massage; she’s worked extensively with professional and amateur athletes in all levels of sport, at any age, with a wide demographic. Professional sports include work with athletes from NHL (training camps), CFL, NFL, NBA, Ironman, PGA, Team Canada athletes, and Para-athletes.

A new direction she has begun to explore with passion is massage therapy for veterans, assault and trauma survivors, amputees, special needs/non-verbal clients, and those suffering from the physical manifestations of depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD.

Andrea is a passionate advocate for her clients, facilitating their healing, recovery, rehabilitation, and therapeutic success.

See Andrea for...

  • Sports massage, rehabilitation and game prep, and recovery
  • Chronic pain treatment, hip, pelvis pain.
  • Deep tissue massage

Donna Bactol, RMT

Donna has been an RMT since 2013. She excels at a wide variety of massages, from deep tissue to relaxation, including prenatal massage! Her client’s comfort is her focus during treatment where she loves to work on back and neck pain, headaches, and other injuries. Donna strives to constantly learn more so she can better help her clients with their individual needs.

See Donna for...

  • Relaxation, back and neck massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Headaches an migraine treatment