Mobile Personal Training

Need the motivation to get fit again during COVID? Mobile personal training can get you there – safely! Is walking, cycling, and running not meeting your fitness goals?

Book a mobile personal training session to change that! Worried about exposure to COVID at your gym? Book a mobile personal training session now and get fit in the comfort of our home! 

Mobile Personal Training is available by request.

Personal Training Services 

Mobile Personal Training includes intermittent “check-up” sessions to complete training program development.  The trainer will come to your location to provide the service with mobile equipment if needed (kettlebells, resistance bands, etc.) with PPE personal protection equipment (mask and shield) 

Single sessions are recommended for those who are already following a training program and who would not be dependent on the mobile equipment (i.e. the client owns the equipment or the session is at the client’s gym).

Monthly memberships are all-inclusive in that the trainer will develop a program according to the client’s goals and capabilities as well as providing them with a kettlebell to keep at home between mobile sessions. The client is then able to perform their exercises whenever convenient to them, and the frequency of mobile sessions is completely up to the client. Virtual classes – these sessions are reserved for ongoing clients that have shown proficiency in the execution of essential movements throughout their program/sessions. 


The main equipment used are kettlebells and calisthenic/bodyweight techniques with the aim of having clients perform sessions semi-independently throughout the program. Kettlebells and calisthenics allow for a diverse, all-encompassing set of exercises without the need for much space.

After the first mobile session, the client will keep a kettlebell at home to do their exercises whenever convenient. The trainer will then provide mobile sessions according to client needs: those without much exercising experience will require more direct supervision than those who have been consistently and deliberately exercising for 1 year or more. In other words, novices may need up to 3 mobile sessions per week for the first couple of weeks, while someone more experienced may only need weekly or even biweekly mobile sessions to modify or improve their training program and fine-tune their movement techniques. 

Yes! Trainers providing mobile services will be wearing a mask and face shield during mobile sessions, sanitize hands throughout as well as equipment upon entry, and will keep social distancing as much as possible. 

Billing will all be online through our Jane App booking system, and will be on a weekly schedule. Clients must create their accounts and provide their credit card information to be eligible for monthly memberships. The equipment that is lent to clients during membership is at no extra cost, unless it is kept and/or damaged by the client and where their credit card will be charged the full cost of replacing the equipment. 

If you prefer exercising with others (friends and/or family) then we can accommodate that, unless said people are completely new to exercising and so would each require our full attention during sessions. That said, if the mobile personal training sessions need to be private for the aforementioned reason, there’s no issue for the individuals to do their “homework” together – just know that they may not have the same “homework” (but will be breathing and focusing just as hard!). 


1 session per week 
2 sessions per week 
3 sessions per week 

…………$70.00 per session
…………$60.00 per session
…………$50.00 per session

People would have to commit to a month at a time and can decide with me whether 1, 2, 3 sessions per week on a weekly basis. O look forward to meeting you

Please send email requests or questions to my attention – Sebastien Vachon-Gravel at

Please do not leave a phone message as we are not there full time to retrieve messages promptly during COVID-19.